diary of tears are entries about circumstances in the daily life of 4 persons (in europe 2014), when crying took place or should have taken place. the entries focus on the description of the surrounding  instead of the reason of the crying…

…(graz, austria) 7th of february, approx. 2.30 pm, at one point i almost cry so i stop speaking an do not look anymore into the eyes of my colleagues. i am in a light room with two huge room-plants, i sit next to a table with 5 other people, alongside the room are other tables to sit next to or to work on, also a range of chairs piled upon each other. there is water on the table which we drink a lot. at one point i almost cry so i stop speaking.

…(zona cafetera, colombia) 16th of january, around noon, it would be so appropriate to cry now: i sit in a car with my friends leaving the ‘ZONA CAFETERA’, a landscape full with coffee-plants on green hills and mountains, seldomly i see a single red flower and once the yellow chicala-tree which always appears alone in full yellow blossom. we hear PARTITAS & SONATAS from johann sebastian bach. It would be so appropriate to cry now.

…(graz, austria) 15th of february, about 2 am, i wake up crying and cannot stop it. my boyfriend is still watching TATORT (austrian/german dedective series), half-sleeping. i sit up. i lean my cheek onto the cold wall. i go down to rest on the coach. i hear the heating’s gargling and various other sounds the tubes and pipes of water, electricty and heating might be causing. these sounds are so loud! outside is full moon. my boyfriend sleeps deeply now. i hear sirenes, there is probably a fire somewhere. i ask my boyfriend if he hears the sirenes and what he thinks about it. he wakes up, the sirenes are gone. i cannot stop crying.


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